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    About us

    IEPFClaim is a dedicated service offered by IEPFClaim, country’s leading wealth recovery firm headed by a dual qualified Lawyer and Chartered Accountant and an IIT-IIM wiz to resolve the complex maze of reclaiming shares and dividends from the IEPF Authority. IEPFClaim comprises a dedicated and diligent team of highly qualified and experienced Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries. With an unparalleled team and excellent infrastructure, we are the most successful platform in assisting investors in getting their rightful investments back in the most efficient manner.

    What we do

    We at IEPF Claim handhold our clients whom we treat as family considering majority of the investors in India are Senior Citizens who invested their hard earned money in the 80s and 90s, through the whole process of IEPF Claim i.e. understanding the background of the scenario, communicating with the Company/Registrars, filing of the Claim, preparing the necessary documentation and representing the case with the IEPF Authority to prevent unwarranted hassles and queries.

    Our motto remains to use the law in the manner most beneficial to an investor in getting back their unclaimed investments from the IEPF Authority in the shortest possible time. We undertake cases involving Death of shareholders, Forgotten Investments, Reclaiming shares from IEPF to Demat A/c, Loss of shares, Change of Address, KYC Updation and much more. The customized services offered by the firm cater to all financial investments related issues.

    Our Value Proposition


    We provide Only Sound Legal Advice.


    Highest Number Of Claims Recovered.


    Subject matter Expertise in IEPF cases.


    Delhi Based Headquarters - Hub of IEPF Authority.


    Top Notch Pedigree of Legal and Financial Experts.


    Personalized assistance and fastest execution time.

    Services we provide



    Are you struggling with your precious shares transferred to the IEPF Account? Do you feel cheated that the company has cancelled your shares and given them to the IEPF Authority.


    of Shares

    IEPF Form 5 is the last stage of claiming shares from the IEPF Authority. However, every company and registrar first directs the investor in filing IEPF Form 5 and sending the same to them. IEPFClaim assists in fulfilling all requirements to enable an investor fill IEPF Form 5.


    Loss of Share

    Unable to find your share certificates and worrying about what to do and how to claim your precious investments. Contact IEPFClaim to help you get your duplicate share certificate from the company now. We have a consistent track record to to resolve such issues.


    Demat of

    Say goodbye to share certificates and hello to dematerialization. IEPFClaim assists you to convert your physical share certificates into electronic format preventing you from loss/mutilation. Physical shares can’t be sold/transferred post 1st April ’19.


    Change of Address / Signature Mismatch

    Have you changed address or facing problem due to mismatched signatures? Don’t worry IEPFClaim can help you update your addresses and recover all unclaimed dividends and unclaimed shares due to change in address.


    Recovery of Unclaimed Shares / Dividends

    Shares on which Dividends have not been claimed for seven consecutive years or more are declared as Unclaimed Shares and transferred to the IEPF. Do you also have such shares? Don’t worry, IEPFClaim can provide legal expertise in recovering your unclaimed shares and dividends.


    Probate of

    Probate is the legal process whereby a Will is “proved” in a court and is accepted as valid public document that is the true last testament of the deceased.



    The inheritance of an ancestor’s property according to the laws of Descent and Distribution that are applied when the deceased has not executed a valid will. With us you can get your due without much ado. Our team specializes in procurement of succession certificate, so that you don’t have to wait to get your money.

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