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indrajeet testimonial

GLC Wealth management (Mr Garg & his team) did a wonderful job in tracing the physical shares that we had forgotten to convert into dmat form since 2000. They tracked the shares got all the required approvals and were able to successfully get the same in our Dmat account account within a year. The process started in 2023 and we received the shares in 2024. Wonderful & professional team.

Indrajeet Maitra

Co-Founder at Expressions Learning, Mumbai

nippy grewal

I cannot speak highly enough of the exceptional service provided by Mr Sanchit Garg of GLC Wealth in assisting me with the recovery of shares from IEPC. From the moment I reached out to them, I was met with professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to resolving my situation. I wholeheartedly recommend GLC Wealth to anyone in need of assistance with lost shares or any related financial matters.

Nippy Grewal

Consultant Oil & Gas , Singapore

Iepf claim

The team at GLC Wealth Advisors is highly efficient and genuinely knows the business. The company has done a wonderful job to get our shares recovered from the Government body. Also they took great pain to do the excellent documentation to my satisfaction. Highly recommended

Nandita Mahtani

Fashion Designer, Mumbai

IEPF Claim

I write to express my appreciation at locating and restoring the ownership of my wife’s shares. She was unaware that these had been misplaced when you contacted us. I commend the manner in which you found us- having seen these shares-and for the professional manner in which you operate. Since then, you have painstakingly undertaken the necessary procedures and steps that have led to these coming back into her account. We could not have done this on our own. I wish you much success in your endeavours.

Vindi (Manvinder) Banga

Ex-CEO Hindustan Unilever Limited | Partner, CD&R LLP , London, UK

sid khanna

This is to appreciate the excellence work done by GLC Wealth Advisor LLP in tracing out & helping me reclaim my old unclaimed investments in shares that had been missed out by my family over the last many years. They coordinated the whole process with the company & IEPF very smoothly even though there were several hurdles in resolving the matter. I am well satisfied by service provide by the GLC team. I highly recommend them for their services to anyone who is facing similar issues.

Sudhindar Krishan Khanna

Chairman & Managing Director at IEP Fund Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

They helped with something that was stuck for almost a decade. Extremely happy with their professionalism, honesty and timely delivary of commitments. Definitely recommend.

Neeta Trivedi

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Mr. Sanchit Garg helped recover shares transferred to IEPF. A very professional approach with clear communication at all times. It did take a long time, couple of months but was well within the estimated time communicated at the very beginning. Wish Sanchit and the team all the best for future endeavours. Appreciate their efforts and support. Thanks.

Asma Ishalk

Bangalore, Karnataka

Image of IEPF Claim Client who's name Sidharth Jain.

GLC helped me look into my dad’s old investments which were lying idle for some time. The professionalism and technical expertise of team is their biggest strength. Best in business!

Sidharth Jain

Gurugram, Haryana

Image of IEPFClaim.in client whose name is Govindaraju Gnansivam

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Sanchit and the team at GLC in recovering my shares. They provided very clear instructions and updates to file the necessary documents. They worked with the company, the concerned government department the brokerage company and the bank to get this done. They are very knowledgeable with the process. All this was accomplished by exchanging documents via courier and did not require my travel to their office. This is very convenient, especially for folks in other cities and countries. I would definitely recommend their services.

Govindaraju Gnanasivam

San Jose, USA

image of GLC Wealth's Client who's name is Mohammed Ali Matara

A big Thank You to GLC Wealth Advisors especially Mr. Sanchit for helping me to recover my old shares from govt agency. I am convinced and appreciate their sincere efforts and trustworthiness. I wish them continued success in serving the needy with their unique expertise.

Mohammed Ali Matara

Senior Citizen, Kerala

Utmost professional competence and quality service which helped us to recover the Investments from the Authorities. Pioneers in their domain.

Rishabh Lodha


I am a client from Canada, GLC helped me to retrieve and get back my shares which went dormant and deposited to IEPF. This was a lengthy process, however GLC was successful after diligently following up with the government. They are reliable and trustworthy. They are also professionally sound. I wish them good luck and hope that they continue helping people who need their help. God bless GLC.

Himansu Bhaumik

Excellent service and support provided by IEPF Claim. Extremely satisfied with the service and efficiency. Thanks for your help and support. Look forward to dealing with them again!

Deepak Sahi

Senior Citizen, Delhi

GLC helped me trace & reclaim old investments which I had forgotten about and had no documents. Initially, I was a bit skeptical but once I met them I gained confidence in their capabilities. They did the whole process without much hassles for me & got my shares back. Sanchit & Ankit were very helpful till the end going the extra mile to help me with proper documentation for compliance purposes.

Priyanka Bhagat


Nishi Sinha | Client Reviews | Testimonials GLC Wealth Advisor

Extremely happy with the overall service provided...initially was skeptical due to many scams going around..but GLC showed professionalism and lot of perseverance in making me understand the process..In fact, more than me, it was them who were following up..something a delight to see in such services...Highly recommended!!

Nishi Sinha

Senior Citizen, Patna

IEPF Claim

The company has done a wonderful job to get our shares recovered from the Government body. Also they took great pain to do the excellent documentation to my satisfaction. Highly recommended.

Sunil Jairath


Vishwajeet Singhal | Testimonial- Client Reviews IEPF Claim- GLC Wealth

GLC Wealth Advisor has been very helpful in getting back our family's shares of Navin Fluorine from IEPF. We were struggling to get back the shares for last 2 years. They helped us to get back the shares in only 6 months. They are very professional in their work. Everyone whose shares are stuck in IEPF should contact them.

Vishwajeet Singhal

Businessman, Chhattisgarh

GLC has been extraordinary in their delivery of service In helping me retrieve my shares ( Safari Industries) which had been stuck with the IEPF for several years! They have gone beyond the call of duty to solve this case which I had almost given up as a lost case. GLC has the proverbial Midas touch and this is a “ Company Extraordinaire”! Keep up the good work GLC! God bless you in all your future endeavors!

Murali Menon


Very dedicated, professional, and reliable Thank you for your service, made it so easy for us. Anybody looking for financial help would highly recommend IEPFclaim.

Prasanna Neelamkol



It was a pleasure to have IEPFClaim Advisor on our end as we navigated the complications of getting IEPF release of our shares. He was very professional and transparent ensuring that we were kept updated through the process and delivery on time. Would highly recommend to anyone. Mohit Anand.

Mohit Anand


Your services are excellent. Thanks for all your efforts done IEPFClaim Advisor.

Alka Gupta


In a matter of less than 6 months , our matter was resolved to our satisfaction. IEPFClaim is very prompt & reliable people to associate with in regards to IEPF work .I will recommend to friends n family , to connect with IEPFClaim for their IEPF related matters

Sanjay Bhasin

IEPF Claim

Excellent service. Very helpful and cooperative to get our unclaimed shares from IEPF.

Yogesh Bendre

Johnson K. Kurien, Canada client reviews, glc wealth advisor

We had shares in the Federal Bank which had gone to govt fund IEPF due to long inactivity. First I tried to do the work by myself but later on I contacted IEPF Claim Advisor for recovery of these shares because of the tedious procedure. They have done wonderful work in successful recovery of these shares. Their communication and coordination with me was perfect. I am fully satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend the services of IEPF Claim Advisor to all.

Johnson K. Kurien


Extremely happy with the overall service provided...initially was skeptical due to many scams going around. But GLC showed professionalism and lot of perseverance in making me understand the process. In fact, more than me, it was them who were following up. Something a delight to see in such services...Highly recommended!!

Sandeep Prakash


It was a pleasure dealing with them, no false promises were made, timeline was adhered to and the job got done. Great experience. Thank you team GLC Wealth Advisor

Harsh Lata Behl

Senior Citizen, Gurgaon

glc wealth testimonials, Dhaneshwari Devi

GLC Wealth helped my family find old investments of our father which we were unaware of since his demise. They helped us with the complete process including the court & legal process. We are very grateful to them for their help and highly recommend them for their services.

Dhaneshwari Devi


GLC Wealth client review, Rana Pratap

I find it my pleasure to share my views that GLC wealth Advisors Sri Sanchit Ji and his team helped us to recover our old Shares of Tata Elxsi, which were stuck for a very long time for about 30 years. Even after so many hurdles, they were able to resolve my issue and finally I got my shares back. They are very genuine and professional and competent team. In other words they are helping lot of senior citizens, and so the national interest. I wish them a very success in their mission to help people. Thanks.

Rana Pratap Singh

Senior Citizen, UP

iepf claim testimonials, Lovekesh NRI

I approached GLC to recover my mom’s shares that went into IEPF. I am not even based in India. GLC manager the entire process for me in India and got the shares into my demat in just 3 months. The service was smooth and courteous. They know their job well. I would recommend them To anyone who needs to recover their shares from IEPF.

Lovekesh Raj


IEPF Claim

Very dedicated, professional and reliable Thank you for your service, made its so easy for us. Anybody looking for financial help, would highly recommend GLC Wealth Advisor.

Prasanna Neelamkol


My father's stock in Mayur Uniquoters were stuck for a couple of decades! One of my friend recommended reaching out to GLC Wealth and I was not disappointed. Not only were they able to search the above mentioned stocks, they also told us about some other stocks that we had completely forgotten. The process initiation was very smooth as we were told about all the documents needed upfront. Once we provided the documents, GLC proactively followed through with all the agencies, company contacts and kept us updated on the process. Within a few months, we received all our stocks with very minimal involvement. I am sure the entire process was very cumbersome but they made it so simple for us. I am thoroughly impressed with the expertise and professionalism of GLC Wealth. I have already recommended them to multiple friends.

Abhay Khetan


Myself Abdul, I have been trying to find a good Consultant who could help me to get my fathers equity shares from IEPF which was pending for quite long time says 15 years ! I contacted many people and they were ready to take up my case but no guarantee and it was not that convincing. Hence after lot of research I came to know about Ankit Garg from GLC Wealth whose profile felt like good and I had a long call with him to understand the background. He was very much professional and was ready to take my case and committed the processing time as well. I should thank him very much as he committed to close my case in April 2020. Unfortunately it got extended to another 1 month just because of this Corona impact. However he was following up my case with IEPF on priority and it was cleared and all the shared and dividend got transferred to my father account. I personally suggest , if anyone has similar sort of issues and who are looking for a professional consultant,  then the right person is  Ankit. Good thing is that he is a Lawyer as well as a Chartered Accountant. So definitely he knows how to nail things easily. Good work Ankit & team !

Abdul Naseer

IT Professional, Kerala

IEPF client review, Parag bajaj

Quite resourceful and professional! The team managed to recover all the shares as committed!

Parag Bajaj


Urvashi Kumar | Client Reviews IEPF Claim Advisor | Testimonials Review GLC Wealth

I am really so thankful to Mr. Ankit Garg for recovering my shares. Unfortunately, I had lost my details related to my change of name as well as address was changed also.. .not only this I had a signature mismatch of my previous name. It was complicated, I didn't receive any bonus shares too due to change in address. Shares were valuable. I tried harder but wasted my time here and there as many ppl assured me that they will recover my shares in my new name and get it Demet.. In the process I wasted money as well as enough time too. Though, I had lost all my hopes that I will succeed to recover my shares but one day, while googling I got the GLC's number. I got convinced by him and thought that I will give a last try. I am really glad that he got all my shares demet that too within the stipulated time. I am so thankful to him. God bless!

Urvashi Kumar

Teacher, New Delhi

Highly recommended for their Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Henil Shah

Senior Citizen, Ahmedabad

IEPF Claim

Mr. Sanchit and Team GLC helped in reclamation of the Shares being transferred to the IEPF Authority in a short duration of the time. Highly recommended for the IEPF and other related services.

Siddhant Garg

Businessman, Delhi

N. K Chakraborty | Testimonial IEPF Claim- Client Reviews GLC Wealth

Service is excellent. I am very much satisfied due to after 2 years of pending problems has been solved by GLC wealth advisor.

N. K Chakraborty

Senior Citizen, Kolkata

Surinder Bansal IEPF Review

Very prompt and efficient service for getting my shares transferred back from IEPF ...keep it up

Surinder Bansal


Iepf claim

I had my father's shares stuck in IEPF for a very long time. They helped me to get the shares back in a short span of time at reasonable cost. Thank you for your help.

Chitra Senthamil


Iepf claim

I will appreciate an incredible work done by Ankit Garg & Associates which was near to impossible to retrieve holded shares of Reliance from IEPF though it took time but it was all due government procedures and delays but Ankit Garg had great patience and calmness and finally getting successful in this project. I will be very thankful for its efforts.

Pushpa Vatnani


Client Testimonials IEPF Claim, GLC Wealth

Very professional company, Thanks to Mr. Ankit Garg for recovering my shares which was stuck in IEPF.

kundan kumar

Businessman, Delhi

Testimonials IEPF, Share Claim Reviews

Thank you to entire team for helping me recover my shares from IEPF.

Sneha Shahri


I was extremely satisfied with Mr Sanchit Garg and his company. They undertook my matter and resolved the same as expeditiously and professionally as they could. I strongly recommend them and would avail of their services whenever required. Vijay Roopchand

Vijay Roopchand

Businessman, Delhi

Testimonials IEPF claim, GLC Wealth Natesh Bherwani

GLC Wealth know how to handle the work Professionally.

Naresh Bherwani


IEPF Claim Testimonials krishna Prakash

Very professional company and can trust them fully for IEPF recovery.

Krishna Prakash


Really wonderful service- and we have got our old claim before the committed time - Superbbb..

Pawan Bohara


I have NRI shares of Dabur India Ltd for my wife and all shares went to IEPF, It was so difficult to work with Indian company and the government from USA to get shares back but I search on line and Found GLC Wealth advisor in Delhi and I contact him for process for getting shares back, and Mr. Ankit and GLC staff work Professionally for me and I get my all shares back within short time with no hassle. Thank you so much GLC team, I defiantly suggest for IEPF Issue.

Upendra Patel

NRI, Businessman

Hi, I am investor who gave my iepf unclaimed shares and dividend which was dragged to Iepf so I approached wealth advisor who claimed my shares in duly time , without IEPFClaim advisor this would have not happened to us.. IEPFClaim advisor got back our 27years unclaimed shares from Iepf. The head of this concern is very genuine and promising about our shares to get it back which was hopeless to us one time, after giving to them I was headache free. I am very grateful to respected sir Mr Ankit Garg.

Deepa Jaishankar


They were very helpful in getting my shares back from IEPF. Excellent Service!

Iona Rice

Senior citizen, Chennai

Claiming my shares from IEPF authority was becoming difficult even after following the official claim process. No other IEPF Claim Advisors were able to help me with this and were making things go round and round. But Ankit Garg got the issue resolved within a month's time after discussion with IEPF authorities. And I was surprised to see the shares in my demat account in such a short time. Thank you once again Ankit Garg for getting my work done in a very professional and responsive manner.

Rachit Agarwal

Businessman, Pune

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